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The retreats are mandatory for all VIH program participants. The Spring Retreat provides participants with opportunities to better prepare for their first international experience by developing global persepctives and international competencies.  



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Spring Pre-Departure Retreat


April 3 - 5, 2020


Friday: 4pm - 9pm

Saturday: 9am - 9pm

Sunday 9am - 4pm

Please dress business casual for the entirety of the retreat.

The focus of the Spring Pre-Departure Retreat centers on developing intercultural competencies and global perspectives. The VIH awardees are provided with a framework: the Cultural Matrix, and they are taught how to utilize the framework as a means to analyze differences across cultures. The Global Perspectives Inventory (GPI) is introduced, and the students are instructed how to use the GPI as a tool to recognize their strengths and areas for improvement in the arenas: cognitive, interpersonal and interpersonal. The women experience another ‘culture’ through the cultural simulation Bafa Bafa and are exposed to different cultures and religions though activities such as the Latin American Festival, Women & Islam and Flamenco dancing. Thus they develop an in-depth awareness of and an appreciation for culturally different perspectives, values and customs. Students acquire an understanding of the difference between leadership as a position and as a behavior through the session ‘Taking Root.’ Interviewing an international student and participating in a roundtable discussion with a woman leader from the region where their international experience will take place provides the students with a forum to discuss the intersection of women, leadership and culture within the context of their chosen region. Through the book The Art of Crossing Cultures, the VIH awardees debrief numbers culturally-challenging scenarios and discuss how to balance their values and cultural baggage with the need to respect diversity and cultural differences abroad. Through the ‘Miss Representation Roundtables,’ awardees explore challenges women leaders face and discuss ways to strengthen female solidarity.

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PreRetreat Assignment

*Your Student ID Number is your last name. Do NOT take the GPI outside of the specified timefreame.*


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