Watch the videos below to hear about awardees' experiences with the VIH program.


Testimonial Video: VIH Application

Testimonial Video: Hear from VIH Awardees-- Why Did You Apply to VIH?

Testimonial Video: Advice for Applicants

Testimonial Video: The Strength of the VIH Network

Testimonial Video: Decision to Have an International Experience

Testimonial Video: Approaches to Choosing a Program

Testimonial Video: Matching Programs with Goals

Testimonial Video: Choosing a Program

Testimonial Video: Welcome to VIH

Testimonial Video: Experiences with the VIH Mentoring Program

Testimonial Video: VIH Mentoring Program

Testimonial Video: HPA- Arts & Culture

Testimonial Video: HPA- Children, Youth, & Families

Testimonial Video: The Value of VIH Retreats

Testimonial Video: Spring Retreat Highlights

Testimonial Video: Spring Retreat Pre-Departure Preparation

Testimonial Video: Fall Retreat-A Coping Tool for Reverse Culture Shock

Testimonial Video: Fall Retreat Highlights

Testimonial Video: Experience with VIH Pre and Post International Experience

Testimonial Video--CEE: #STOPTHESHADE: Exploring the Color Bias

Testimonial Video--CEE: Hard Conversations: Addressing the -Isms

Testimonial Video--CEE: Cultural Diversity Abroad: Finding Your Voice

Testimonial Video--CEE: Campus Immigration: Knocking Down Walls

Testimonial Video--CEE: What Do You Do?: Exploring Sustainability

Testimonial Video--CEE: Approaching Ethical Dilemmas with a Global Perspective

Testimonial Video: Workshop CEE

Testimonial Video: Panel CEE

Testimonial Video: Interactive CEE

Testimonial Video: Future Plans

Testimonial Video: Most Memorable Experience

Testimonial Video: Worldview

Testimonial Video: The Impact of the VIH Program


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