Graduation Requirements

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The following table outlines the requirements for completion of the VIH Program.


  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner, both in written correspondence and in person, while involved in all aspects of the VIH Program. This includes, but is not limited to: responding to emails in a timely fashion; adhering to deadlines; and, acting in a respectful manner towards all parties involved in the VIH Program.
  • Attend all sessions at both retreats.
  • Complete your international experience of at least 28 days and turn in your Experience Report by the deadline.
  • Work with your Campus Coordinator to complete your marketing hours.
  • Comply with the deadlines and timeline for the CEE during the fall semester following your international experience.
  • Complete your CEE  and send your CEE Report to the Campus Coordinator and Director within 10 days of completing your CEE, at the very latest, by January 30th.
  • Take the GPI for the second time. Go to https://gpi.central.edu/index.cfm and click on 'Complete it'. You must use your *last name* as your student ID number/ID. The Director will provide you with an access code once you have turned in your CEE Report and taken the online survey. The survey must be taken within the timeframe specified by the VIH Director.

In the event that you fail to complete one or more of the requirements listed above, you will not receive your final $1,000 and you will not graduate from the VIH Program.

All student newspaper articles are to be approved by the VIH Director.


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